Where should I begin?

Where should I begin?

Shipping apps from start to finish

Feb 17, 2023·

2 min read

Shipping any app on a budget is a daunting task for so many reasons:

  1. Competing technologies at every level of the stack all have their advocates and evangelists.

  2. You need skills within your team (which might be just you!) across a really wide spectrum of skills.

  3. Technologies and new competitors are constantly emerging. Before your first release, you may have to pivot or completely rewrite

  4. Different opinions on what you should prioritise will come from almost everyone you ask for feedback

  5. You're most likely building a product to fulfil a need or tap a market that doesn't exist yet and which, while scaleable is impossible to predict potential revenues (let-alone profits) from.

  6. You constantly are having to tradeoff bootstrapping solo (or near solo) with spending (and/or raising) funds to develop more quickly.

In this app, I'll seek to demonstrate my experience developing and shipping apps both for myself and for other organizations. Along the way we'll:

  1. Learn to differentiate good technologies from bad ones.

  2. Identify common pitfalls that could trip you up further down the development pathway.

  3. Expose the real pitfalls of AWS, Apple and Google and evaluate external tools that are worth paying for, like Sentry or Circle CI

My views are born of real-world experience, and so are to be disagreed with as well as hopefully being endorsed or useful to someone. Genuine comments are always welcome, both direct to the article or indirectly via Twitter or Email.

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